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How To Create A Winning LinkedIn Profile

First impressions count. That is both true offline and online. Think about what you do when you are checking out a business, potential client or otherwise. You do a google search, right? You want to check out people and businesses to see what you can find out. So really, when you’re considering doing business with someone, you’ve probably already come to a few conclusions before meeting them. This should tell you a little something about how you present yourself online. Your business representation starts online.

With LinkedIn, which is very much like your online resume you have an enormous opportunity to market yourself and your business.Click To Tweet People can make decisions about pursuing you for opportunities just by simply looking at your LinkedIn profile. How you set up your profile, in every aspect, what you say and choose to highlight is essential.

Often times I see that people don’t take the time to upload a good looking photo. Their headline tells you very little, they skip the summary altogether or if they do, it reads the wrong way. We can be the biggest barrier to our own opportunity when we aren’t careful to put our best foot forward online. And LinkedIn is where you want to have your buttons buttoned, your shoes shined. Am I judging you? Yes. And everyone else who goes on a search on on LinkedIn is also judging you. How does your profile look?

Do you..

  • Have a unique URL?
  • Have keywords in your headline?
  • Have a summary sharing your unique selling position
  • Have your summary written in the first person?
  • Have accomplishments listed and recommendations added?
  • Have a high quality professional profile photo?

Let’s explore step by step how to create a winning LinkedIn profile in this infographic below from  Akken Cloud and Ghergich & Co. Position yourself to stand out, grow your network and your business.

Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Via AkkenCloud

Using Tweetchats To Network And Learn New Techniques

Social Media Marketing takes place where? On Social Networks, right? It makes sense that networking is a key objective to social media marketing. You have to be where people are to network. Offline networking events are important because it gives you the opportunity to interact with people, have conversations, find common interests and make bonds that ultimately lead to a mutual business benefit. Can this happen online? Absolutely!

There are many ways that you can interact with other people online in arranged settings: Facebook Groups, Google Plus Communities, Online Chats. One of the ways I’ve found that is ideal for networking are tweet chats.

Tweetchats are virtual gatherings held on Twitter. A group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag. The chats are at a specific time and often repeat weekly or bi-weekly or are only at announced times. You simply go to, sign in with your twitter id, enter the assigned hashtag, and you are in a “tweetchat room” where all the tweets assigned to that hashtag with that particular group are housed. It’s fun! You can use Tweetchats to network and learn a few new things.

On Monday evenings, The Social Solutions Collective hosts a Tweetchat for an hour on a particular subject. The most recent subject was on Content Calendar creation and management. Just like with most Tweetchats I got an opportunity to do a few things:

1. meet new people
2. chat with new people
3. gain followers and follow new people

and the added bonus: I learned some new things!

Because the Tweetchat host asks questions around the particular subject aimed at the participants of the chat, people willingly chime in. These chats give you the opportunity to learn something new, gain a new perspective, get new ideas and learn some new techniques. I always learn something from the other tweet chat participants.
From this Tweetchat I learned some new content creation tips, bookmarked a resource to help me with it, learned about a new WP plug in that I’d like to incorporate, and I also got the nudge I needed to go ahead and dive further into Google Drive.

Tweetchats are typically an hour. The time goes by fast. You’re able to do all this in an hour’s time. So if you’re looking to network and learn new things, I encourage you to try out a Tweetchat. You may also want to consider hosting one. Tweetchats are a great way to showcase your expertise and brand. It’s also a great hands on learning experience if you’re not so familiar with Twitter. It will help you “get it”. It can be fast paced depending on the number of participants so you may need to participate in a couple before you’re comfortable. The important thing is, to give it a try. If you never try, you’ll never know.

Have you participated in Tweetchats? What do you like about them? What other online networking activities do you participate in and find beneficial? Please share in the comments below.