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The Best Instagram News This Year and What It Means For You

I haven’t been this excited about Instagram news since they introduced the ability to switch between Instagram accounts without logging out. Remember that?? You used to have to log out. Fun times.

Well this Instagram news is along those lines. The next big news marketers and business owners had been waiting on. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has not had the ability to schedule posts. Up to this point, you could sort of schedule your content using a 3rd party app. But it wouldn’t schedule automatically, it still required a manual authorization to post.  So that meant you had to be pretty free and clear at the time you needed to post.

That has all, well mostly, changed. Instagram has updated their API to allow 3rd party applications to post for you. Cue the confetti!

Let’s look at what it means for you and your business.

You’ll need to use an application to schedule posts.

The feature is not part of the Instagram product.  You will need to use social media tools that are Instagram and Facebook Marketing partners.  You’ll need to stay tuned for when your preferred scheduling tool rolls this out.

This update is for business profiles.

Obviously, brands and businesses have a need to be able to manage and schedule content. This functionality is being allowed for that reason. Instagram says that support for non-business profiles is in the works for an early 2019 release.

Not everything can be scheduled.

This will not include ads, video, stories or multiple photo posts. Sorry.

Additional new features are being introduced.

According to Techcrunch, a new Instagram Graph API is being introduced and will include the ability to analyze metrics and insights about the business’s performance on Instagram, moderate comments and access the business’s mentions and add responses to them. It will also involve a new business discovery feature which will allow business profiles to view other business profile information and media.

A word to the wise:

Exercise patience. When new features are rolled out, there are glitches. I’m already reading some kinks with Hootsuite. The good news is, marketers and business owners have finally gotten what we’ve been asking for most to help our Instagram marketing a little bit easier. That’s definitely something to celebrate.



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Social Media Spotlight: Mandy Edwards

In my first post of my new series the “Social Media Spotlight”, I am picking the brain of my dear friend and colleague, Mandy Edwards of ME Marketing Services. Mandy is currently a contributor to Steamfeed, blogging on social media advertising & etiquette.  She also contributes to Social Media Today, Business2Community, Internet Billboards, The Southern C and Millennial CEO. She is my go-to expert on social media marketing advertising and I simply enjoy chatting her up from time to time as colleagues. For our spotlight, I asked her a variety of social media marketing questions in order to get some valuable “nuggets” to share with you all.

Here’s our Q & A:

  1. How do you find relevant content for your audience?

I have a variety of sources I use to find content. I have my favorite authors I like to follow (Mark Schaefer, Jay Baer, Scott Monty – to name a few) but I also follow aggregate sites like Social Media Today and Business 2 Community to see what people are writing about. I also like to follow industry publications like Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes and such. I have Twitter lists set up to follow all of those so it’s easy to retweet the articles I think my followers may enjoy.


  1. What are the two most important social media tools that you use?

The two most important are Sprout Social and TailWind. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hopeless Sprout addict and Sprout took notice and asked me to join their new Sprout All-Star Influencer Program. Their social management tool has made managing my clients’ accounts a breeze and the customer service their provide is amazing. TailWind is the app I use to manage my clients’ Pinterest accounts since, unfortunately, that is the one platform Sprout doesn’t provide management for (yet). I love being able to schedule pins out a month in advance and re-pin older pins that maybe didn’t do as well as you would have liked.

  1. How do you find inspiration for blogging consistency?

Blogging consistency is something I struggle with all the time. When I say the struggle is real, the struggle is real. Life and business gets in the way. My goal is two articles each week but as long as I get one, I’m good. I find setting a goal to be a good inspiration – and not wanting the (local) competition to have more out than you! Blogging consistency is more of a discipline than anything else. Some people are good at publishing 3-5 articles a week, while others are good at 1-2 per month.

Inspire yourself with a realistic blogging goal and see if you can beat it each time.Click To Tweet

  1. What is your best tip for engagement?

Just be there. It’s hard to engage if you aren’t online. Be online and look for conversations to take part in or just start one yourself by asking a question.

  1. What do you think is the most important social media trend in 2016?

This seems to be the million-dollar question. I don’t know if there is one important social media trend this year. I see several – more video, more social advertising, more real-time posting, more being in the moment, more creative content. Companies are going to have to get out of the box and get creative because of content shock – be on the lookout for that!

Be sure to follow Mandy on Twitter and Facebook and check out her blog. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

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Simple Tools To Improve Your Instagram Marketing

My current favorite social media platform is Instagram. Apparently I’m not the only one, it’s extremely popular. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and with the new account switching feature, it’s easier to use than ever. There are many tools that social media marketers use to help them do their jobs more efficiently. With so many tools and apps available to solve many of the same problems, sometimes it can be hard to choose.

Here are a few of the tools I use to make my Instagram Marketing simpler and more efficient.Click To Tweet


Layout is a photo collage app from Instagram. It accesses your camera photos to allow an easy way to select and create a photo collage. It has a built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots. Layout gives you a choice of various laid out combinations for you to choose from. Just pick one and edit.


The Relight app addresses a common photo editing problem: lighting. Relight Instantly correct slighting and exposure to make your photos look exceptional. Relight is realtime HDR with eight modes that correct lighting and exposure issues, add artistic HDR effects and enhance details. In short, Relight lets your camera see closer to what you see. Finally!


Adobe Post is a simple and easy way to create Instagram posts from pre-designed templates. You can “remix” these handcrafted templates into the color scheme and text layout of your choice.


Sometimes on Instagram, you see something great that you just want to share. Sharing is simple with Repost App. You can reshare photos and videos in 3 steps while still giving credit to the original Instagramer. The original caption will also be copied to your clipboard to include.


Here’s a tool you can use for both Twitter and Instagram. It helps you manage your followers on either platform. You can manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts far more effectively by:

  • Finding inactive users and your unfollowers – unfollow them if you wish to
  • Finding relevant users to follow using the “Copy Followers” feature
  • Keeping track of how your social media updates affect your follower/unfollower stats
  • Checking the relationship between any two Twitter/Instagram
  • When you’re trying to manage your follower/following ratio

Apps are always evolving, new tools are always emerging. As social platforms change, our needs change. What tools have you discovered that work great for Instagram? Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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Social Media Tools I Can’t Live Without

As a social media marketing professional I many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. If you use social media marketing for your own business then you know that it can be overwhelming. So imagine all that you have to do to manage social media for several businesses. Exactly. How do I keep my head above water? It’s all about the tools!

Much to my delight, there are many social media tools that I can use that make the most important daily tasks of social media management, well,  manageable! My mantra is work smarter, not harder. Finding the right tools to keep up with my growing to do list makes it easier to do what I do. Here are the tools I use on a daily basis that I simply can’t live without.


For me, nothing is easier than scheduling content than using Buffer.  This is truly a smart way to schedule.  You just fill up your “Buffer ” and it automatically posts them for you through the day with times you choose. You’ll build up a consistent social media presence throughout your platforms at various times of the day. Just make sure you show up to be “social.”



Cloud storage is mandatory. Dropbox and Google Drive are GENIUS. All of my clients and I use shared folders where we can store and exchange files. I have to have a place to keep all of their digital assets and mine. With large organizations, you often have to collaborate with other people who contribute to some part of their digital marketing whether it’s a web designer, graphic designer, publicist, or assistant. So having a place where you can all access files, send or share files or colloborate on projects is absolutely imperative. That’s what Google Drive and Dropbox do for me.


Let me be honest, I probably can’t live without Google Chrome. I refuse to use any other browser. One of the things I love most about Google Chrome are the extensions or bookmarklets, sometimes called browser addition tools. They help to reduce the number of steps that it takes to help you to integrate your applications through your browser. I can easily pin to Pinterest, save a file, schedule content or store something in Evernote with simple click of a chrome extension. My favorite extensions are Google Drive, Buffer, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Evernote and Scoopit. Whether you would think so or not, extensions are a social media tool because they help me get so much of my social media marketing done faster.


Twitter lists help you cut through the noise. Sometimes you need to zero in on certain people or brands. There are some people that you need to engage with or whose content you seek out and you just wanna get to it quickly and easily. That’s why I love Twitter lists. You may want to keep twitter lists of people or businesses in your industry, a list of prospects or people who share your content.


My clients want instagram. Instagram is mobile based. So managing Instagram can be rather tedious. But there are some great social media tools you can use to manage the platform. There’s really no way around how you post content to this platform. However, Iconosquare does do some very handy things for your Instagram account including stats and analytics. You can see what photos are populars your average number of likes, and follower growth charts. But you can have cover photos made based on your photos and other graphics. You can also plan contests. If you love Instagram and use it regularly for your business, you should definitely look into this tool.

So now you know my secret! Social media tools help me keep my sanity. And they can help you too! I hope you found something useful you can apply to make your social media management a little bit easier. What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear which social media tools you can’t live without in the comments below.