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Pinterest’s New Guided Search

Pinterest just rolled out an exciting new feature: Guided Search. Simply put, it’s a way to find things–images, products, how-to’s, recipes, destinations, things that people have pinned on the social network.

CEO Ben Silbermann stated,  “At Pinterest, we’re making it easy to find just what you were looking for, or maybe what you didn’t know you were looking for.”

While searching is typically guided by keywords for something specific, Guided Search is designed to do a bit more. Because Pinterest is visually driven, and a site where you discover what you’re searching for and maybe not exactly what you were searching for, Guided Search will be a bit different than your typical search. Designed with mobile devices in mind, it was created to be something you can easily execute with one hand and very little typing.

You start out with a search term, and once you select that term for search, Pinterest will make suggestions for other terms. Pinterest selects these search terms and they become tags. You can delete these tags or add them to your search to help you narrow or broaden your subject.  I decided to search “Spring”, then  Guided Search helped me get more specific with terms such as Fashion, Outfits and 2014, to suggest what I might be trying to focus my search on. It also starts showing the names of Guides made up of pins relating to terms associated with your search.

guided search mobile

Besides Guided Search, the company announced a couple of other improvements meant to help people discover pins better. Custom Categories will allow you to browse through pins of a very specific topic that formerly weren’t organized in one place. Related Pins feature has been improved to help locate better pins related to the pin you’re viewing.

Pinterest is rolling out Guided Search on mobile in English to start, and then on web and elsewhere around the world soon after. It’s rolling out first in the service’s apps for iPhone and iPad.  I’ve already had fun exploring with Guided Search on my iPhone. What about you? What do you think about Guided Search? Please share in the comments below.

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Smart Pinterest Marketing For Beginners

Pinterest continues to be a social media site that is growing at a fast rate and is driving lots of traffic to websites. For this reason, brands are finding ways to participate in the pinning phenomenon! People are going to Pinterest for a reason. They WANT to see what people are talking about. Including brands. They want to see what their friends are sharing. They want to get information and see the creative pins that are being posted. They come ready to engage.

Pinterest’s ability to drive traffic that converts to sales, makes it a smart component of your online strategy. If that isn’t enough, consider this: it’s easy to use, it drives engagement, and inspires ideas. Those ideas, inspires people to act, create, plan and shop!

So what should you do as a business owner to get started? Here’s how you can get started:

1) SIGN UP: Go to the Pinterest Business page to join the site as a business: Your name on your page (and the name people use to search for you) is your “Business Name.” You will also have a “Username”. This name will be used to create your URL, or link, on Pinterest, like mine for example:

2) CREATE YOUR BOARDS: Absolutely include Products and Services. This is quite simple if you have a product. Pin images of the products you sell. Do you sell candles? Clothing? Jewelry? Organize boards around the product. They can link directly to your site for purchase! If you’re a service- based company,
pin images that communicate your services. I have a board called I Love Social Media. On this board I pin images from blog posts (including my own) on the topic of all things Social Media Marketing. Social Sites, news and information on Social Media, SEO, blogging, etc;.

3) Valuable, Informative Info: Tips and tricks, how-to’s. Are you a chef? Do you sell beauty products? You can pin information on cooking tips, the best cookware, makeup tips, skin care tips. Anything related to your product or service that showcases your expertise and gives useful information to your audience.

4) Sizzle: This is where you pin the really good, fun stuff. A great example is for travel agents. Pin the most beautiful scenery, amazing resorts and sunsets that you and your audience would enjoy most. Travel images are very popular. What better way to get your target market dreaming of their next vacation?

5) Industry: Are you a entrepreneur? Why not create a board for likeminded individuals? Pin images of information, tools and resources for small business owners, solopreneurs or home based business owners. Build a community of your peers on Pinterest.

Make sure your images are attractive and interesting. Pinterest is a visually driven site. Pin images that want the visitor to want to know more, click the link and share it!

Make sure you dedicate time each day to following people, brands and businesses and sharing their content as well. Check out the Popular section of the site to see what people are interested in. Incorporate those trends into your strategy if it’s appropriate.

I encourage you to go on the site to explore. Get a feel for the environment and have fun. It is a FUN site that happens to have great business potential. So don’t take the fun out of it by ONLY selling. Be interesting and engaging and you will start building your community before you know it.

Are you pinning? What tips can you share? Please comment below.

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