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How To Promote Your Events With Social Media

Social media has many great uses. Promoting events is one great way to use social media. My experience with social media includes many non-profit organizations, and often with that comes events. Social media marketing is a very effective way to inform people of your event, your cause and to help meet your goals for those events.

As with any marketing effort, you need a plan.

Marketing your event with social media requires some important steps to ensure optimal success.Click To Tweet


Set Your Goal.

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking to build awareness, increase attendees or sell tickets? Whatever that goal may be, define it and create a strategy around accomplishing that goal.

Be Social Friendly.

Create a hashtag that is brief and easy to remember. Include it in all your promotions so that your audience can follow the conversation online easily. You should also use tools like or to track the metrics of your hashtag to gauge the performance of your marketing efforts.  Prepare for event day engagement by creating a Snapchat geofilter for attendees to use at the event.

Optimize Your Messaging and Images.

Creating the right content is key with social media marketing. Create copy that will tell people what they need to know about the event with key details and builds excitement. Educate, inform, excite and create calls to action. You’ll want to create images consistent with your brand that are eye-catching, memorable and shareable.

Host An Instagram Contest.

Contests are an easy way to get content for your Instagram account and generate buzz around your event. Have a giveaway where attendees take photos to post on Instagram, use the event hashtag and tag your account. Here’s a great contest that Ford used for it’s annual Ford Freedom Fireworks event.event

Drive Your Visitors.

Make sure that your social profiles are updated with the link that drives them to information about the event and/or where they can purchase tickets or RSVP. It is a good practice to use a customized link shortener so that you can use metrics to track your performance.

Leverage Influencers.

A sure way to help amplify your message is to leverage the audiences of people and organizations who are involved or have a personal interest in your event. That would include guest speakers, special guests, honorees and sponsors. Using Twitter mentions and tags on Facebook and Instagram of people and organizations alerts them to your online social media promotion efforts and in turn prompts them to share that message with their respective audiences.

Pre-Event Events.

Showcase your upcoming event by hosting a Twitter chat or Facebook Live event. Twitter chat’s give you an opportunity to allow your audience to interact with one of your special guests before the event, ask questions directly and learn more about what to expect at the event. Facebook Live events broadcast to audiences who are already engaged currently online. This will give them a chance to hear from your or your guest about why they should attend. You can use these events to also give a call to action.



Your event promotion doesn’t stop the day before your event.Click To Tweet You’ll want to showcase what’s going on at your event to create buzz for your brand and interest in your upcoming events.

  • Make sure you make announcements at your events encouraging people to use the hashtag and geofilters on social media and share their own stories.
  • Engage with your attendees! Follow the hashtag at your event and retweet, comment and reply to what your audience is sharing



Wrap up your event by sharing photos albums to Facebook. Attendees will look for photos they were a part of or their favorite highlights to share.


A great tool to use post event is Storify. It allows you to highlight and arrange tweets from your events that is shareable. It will event notify people mentioned in the tweets when you post it.


Download your Snapchat story and include it in a blog post to share with your readers. You can also download individual snaps to post on other social media sites. This will help build your Snapchat audience as well.









Social media is an incredible tool to help spread your message, reach your audience and attract new followers. Create buzz for your event with the features that make social media marketing the powerful tool it is.



Successfully Live Tweeting An Event

During my social media marketing career I have had the pleasure of being part of a social media team designated for large events. Our objective is to share content live from the event on social media accounts, but our main task is live tweeting.

Live tweeting events is an excellent opportunity to build an audience of targeted followers and build awareness around your event, organization or cause. It’s about sharing what people are saying at an event, as it’s taking place.

Live tweeting is very different from your standard daily tweets. Live tweeting is focused on the event’s designated hashtag.

Whatever you tweet during your event has the potential to have increased attention and make a major impact.Click To Tweet

Most recently, I worked with a live tweeting team for an automotive summit with high profile speakers, attendees and major sponsors.

With several large events under my belt, I’ve put together a list of live tweeting success tips for events:

  1. Study Up

Have as much background as possible on the event, the speakers and sponsors as you can ahead of time. Being informed is always an advantage. Know the history of the event, the background, the purpose, and information about the speakers and their relationship to the event helps you to be a better tweeter.

  1. Have access to the Run of Show

It is always helpful to have a run of show. Know what’s going to happen when so you can plan ahead. You could even schedule certain tweets or have drafts of tweets prepared. For example, you could craft tweets to introduce each new speaker that is introduced.

  1. Create a system for photos

For large events, a photographer is a must. Make sure that the photographer is immediately uploading photos to a file sharing site so that you can attach photos with your live tweets. Tweets with photos get more engagement. And they just look good! 😉

  1. Make a list of Twitter handles and hashtags.

Having a list of twitter handles for each speaker, their company and the hashtag or hashtags associated with the event will save you time, extend reach and encourage engagement. It’s also a good idea to create a Twitter list of speakers and companies so that you can easily access tweets that they are sending out from the event.

  1. Encourage Audience Engagement

Every event should have a hashtag associated with it. Be sure to use every opportunity before and during your event to promote the hashtag and encourage attendees to tweet and share photos using the event hashtag.

  1. Engage With Participants

Make sure you follow the event hashtag periodically throughout the event so you can engage with participants who are tweeting by retweeting, favoriting and replying.

  1. Select A Platform

Select a live tweeting display platform where you can project the tweets associated with your event hashtag that can be viewed in the main room of the event. (Some services are free, some are paid.)

Here are a few examples:



Visible Tweets

Live Tweet App

Composing the tweets themselves requires focus and concentration. You need to be familiar with who is speaking so that you can include photos of that person live from the event. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Keep tweets as concise as possible.
  • Try not to split a thought, phrase or quote into two tweets.
  • Remember to use the person’s twitter handle when quoting.

Live tweeting is beneficial for business. It’s drives the information and messaging for your event. Be prepared with these steps, have a strategy and reap the rewards of increased visibility and valuable connections.

Live Tweeting Team
A few members of the social media team for the 16th Annual Rainbow PUSH/CEF Global Automotive Summit, L-R: Katrina Turnbow, Kanopi Social; Carlotta Tutt Holloway, True Root Marketing; Sara Nickleberry, Social With Sara. (Photos by Robert Deane, Avima Designs)







Using Hashtags To Create Buzz For Your Events

Hashtags are a big part of social media. Hashtags have also migrated from online to offline speak. Nothing illustrated that better (or funnier) than the Late Night Show skit from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. If you’re fairly online savvy, you get it. If you’re more of a newbie, you may be confused.

What is a hashtag? 

It is a word or a phrase preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags are included on social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Facebook. It is used to identify and group messages on a specific topic. Hashtags are searchable.

Hashtags are beneficial in many ways. They help you find things or people, and they help people find you.

Why hashtags and events work

As a business owner you are always looking for ways to gain exposure for your business, establish yourself as an authority and gain new customers. Hashtags are a great way to build brand awarness online.

When you use hashtags in your tweets and posts you are increasing your chances of building your network, brand awareness and making it easy for people to find you and interact with you, your event and people in your network.

What makes a great hashtag?

Your hashtag should be…

  1. Original:  Make the hashtag specific to your event and you. Make sure it’s a hashtag that is new. Search the hashtag you have in mind on social sites to be sure it hasn’t been used before.
  2. Short and Sweet: Most hashtags are used on Twitter. Since you have character limitation (140 or less) be sure your hashtag isbrief
  3. Relevant: Make sure your hashtag makes sense for the event. Last year I attended a social media day event in Detroit. There were social media day events taking place in major cities all over the country. So to be specific to Detroit, we used the hashtag #smdaydet
  4. Catchy:  The hashtag should be easy to remember without much thought. Relevant, short and easy to remember.

Promote, promote, promote!

What is any marketing event without promotion? Include it in your tweets and posts about the event, in your email newsletters, on graphics, printed materials, everywhere that you are promoting the event. You have to promote it at every opportunity.

During the event, make sure you encourage your attendees to use the hashtag. Make an announcement about it. Retweet those who use it. Start conversations, engage with the users. Have a contest associated with the hashtag.

Keep Track.

Make sure you monitor the conversation. Don’t miss out on any questions or comments from attendees. Keep up with the tweets by using a program like Hootsuite or #tagboard. 

Do some homework.

Check out hashtags and how they’re used if you’re not familiar. Go to your twitter search or Google Plus search and enter a hashtag to see what tweets appear based on a certain topic. Try a current event type hashtag such as #nbafinals, or the popular hashtag that LA Dodgers fans used #ITFDBB (It’s Time For Dodgers baseball).

The important point is that hashtags are widely used and increasingly popular on social sites. People use them often when watching their favorites shows or sporting events. TV Networks often assign a hashtag and encourage viewers to view and tweet. The same is true for businesses and events. It’s a process that is engaging. Engagement is how relationships and built. Relationships are how businesses grow. Incorporating hashtags in your events can be good for business!

photo credit: <a href=””>melenita2012</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Social Media Day With Social Solutions Collective

Social Media Day with the SSC!
Social Media Day with the SSC!
If you are looking to learn some new things about social media marketing, participate in some fun social media activities that will give you an opportunity to experience various social media platforms and even make some new connections, then I invite you to join the Social Solutions Collective on the 4th annual Social Media Day, Sunday June 30, 2013.

Our theme for Social Media Day is “Common Sense & Social Business”. All month we have been sharing some “common sense” blog posts and social media posts from various members of the collective to go along with our theme for the big day.

Here are a few of the events we have planned:

Tweetchats: We’ve set up 9 different breakout discussions which we’ll be running as Tweetchats. Topics included:
– Common Sense SEO
– Leadership Best Practices For Social Business
– Common Sense & Best Practices for Multi-Author Sites
…and more!!

Google+ Hangout: Myself along with fellow SSC member Carrie Keenan and special guests including a special guest from Google are hosting a hangout at 4 PM (EST) where we will focus on Common Sense: Stop Ignoring Google+ Marketing. I hope you can hangout with us!

SuperConnected Sunday: We’re letting you share your social media pages – with NO limits. You will be able to share all of your pages, all of your clients pages and more. Our superconnected events will be on Facebook and Google+ as well!

Pinterest Participation Contests: We will be running two different Pinterest contests, which will require your participation. Stay tuned for more details!

Multi-Prize Facebook Fiesta: We will be running a day-long Facebook contest with a variety of prizes, big and small, for a variety of winners. What are some of the prizes? Well: gift-cards, social media books, FUN jewelry and a few amazing service packages.

Online Scavenger Hunt: YES… we will be sending you across the Internet for clues, leads, leading up to some special items.

The hashtag for the event as well as for the tweetchat session is #SMDwithSSC.

Please join us for this fun event!