Using Twitter Lists To Enhance Your Twitter Marketing Experience

Twitter is a great place to post your latest blog posts, connect with brand new people and find real time information. Twitter is also great for networking. You can very quickly and easily connect with people and brands. Because you are limited to 140 characters, coupled with the help of mobile apps, tweeting is a simple and convenient process. For that reason, people who are active, tend to tweet regularly. The more people you follow, the busier your newsfeed gets. To keep up, you need to find ways to manage your Twitter feed so you can easily access and target certain people, brands and topics.

A great way to organize and manage Twitter is by using Twitter Lists. Twitter lists allow you to organize Twitter users into groups so that you can view the tweets of the people in those lists only. People on this list don’t have to necessarily be people you are following. You can add anyone to a list. Lists can help you keep up with people you are targeting for different reasons. Let’s say that you are a travel professional and you would like to keep a list of Twitter accounts of hotels. You can do that. Say, you’re looking for news or sales or events from hotels, you can easily access that list to view only their tweets. Or you may way to keep a list of cruise lines, all inclusive resorts or travel niche specific blogs. You can make your lists public or private. There are many possibilities.

Here are some examples:

Niche or Industry Specialists:

Keep up with others in your industry to network and share ideas. It is helpful to both you and your audience to share great content from sources other than yourself. Don’t be afraid to do just that.

You might consider creating a private list of local small businesses who may be interested in your service or product.

Brand Ambassadors: Keep a list of those who share your content, share your product or service information. This list could include those who are your customers and potential customers.

Industry News Outlets:

Keep up with the latest news, changes and information related to your industry. Follow those people or organizations connected with your industry. If you are a WordPress expert, follow technology brands and experts who share news and information relative to your field.

Keeping these lists will help you stay on top of what is important. However, don’t neglect the most important piece: building relationships! Be sure to interact and engage. Start conversations, ask questions, give feedback. This is how great things begin.

Do you manage Twitter with lists? If so, what other list suggestions can you offer? Please share in the comments below!