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Website Traffic: Give Your Audience The Green Light

Our prime online real estate is our website. Every effort that we make, every online activity for our business, we’re hoping results in a visit to our website and ultimately leads to action. You’ve worked hard to make your website look good, to show what you can offer, how you can solve your target audience’s problems, and how you can make their life better. Your website is designed to let them get to know you better. You’re hoping to win them over. But in order to do that, they have to land there.

How do you get visitors to your website? Well, there are some really obvious ways and perhaps some you didn’t even think about. So let’s go through some possibilities to make sure you’re covering your bases.

Social Media

You might be thinking “duh”! But let’s just think about it for a minute. It’s time to do a checkup on your social sites. Are your website links where they should be? Did you set up apps on your Facebook page and are they leading to your website? Does your Twitter bio include your website link? What about Instagram? LinkedIn gives you a few options for website links. Are you taking advantage of them? Take inventory of your social sites to be sure your links are there. Don’t forget your personal profiles.

Email Signature

Your email signature is a great place to drive traffic to your site.  Your signature can include more than your name and title or phone number. Your website should be there too. You can set up signatures with any email provider, but you can use an app to make your signature really stand out. I use Wisestamp. You can have a free version that will include an add, or upgrade to the paid version and choose from several design options ad free.

Content Curation Sites

Are you sharing your blog content on sites like Scoopit, Spundge, or Medium? These are excellent places for discovering content, so make sure your content can be discovered there. Medium for example, is growing in popularity. It’s a great place for publishing and a place for content distribution.

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Linkedin Publisher

We already mentioned social media sites, but you may not be taking advantage of LinkedIn’s all important Publisher tool. You can blog straight from the site and gain exposure to a possibly new audience with your posts. Read my post on how to repurpose your content for LinkedIn Publisher and link back to your website in the process.

Never miss an opportunity to direct people to your online hub. Take advantage of what’s out there to get your audience where you ultimately want them to land.

social seo

4 Easy Social SEO Tips

Social Media Marketing is all about connecting, engaging, building a community and sharing valuable information. Ultimately, we are trying to get our message across. We want to do that in the most effective way and with such a crowded online business world, we do our best to stand out. We also do our best to be seen. One way we do that is with SEO and Social SEO.

What is Social SEO? Well let’s break it down. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The idea behind having an SEO strategy is taking steps to helps your website show up in search engine results when searching key words or phrases that are relevant to your content. Social SEO is simply the idea that there is a part social media links play in website search rankings. That means that your social profiles and pages will be key in helping with your SEO efforts.

Although SEO can seem quite complicated, and in some ways it is, there are some things you can do yourself to get on the right track. I am listing 4 ways that you can boost your Social SEO strategy with little effort:

1) OPTIMIZE your Profiles and Pages. In our Business Fuel Group, we share some “mini-training” from time to time on Fridays called “Friday Fuel.” The very first segment we shared when we launched our Facebook group community was about Making Your Social Media Profile ROCK! We were simply offering tips on how to optimize it. In a nutshell, be descriptive and take advantage of every opportunity to plug in those appropriate keywords and phrases in about sections and bios. By all means, DO create a BUSINESS Page on Facebook for example. For one thing, your business must have a page, not a profile based on Facebook’s terms. But also, Pages are indexed by Google, while Profiles are not.

2) Be Shareable. Make sure your content is as easily shareable as possible. Include social share buttons on your blog posts. This counts for your updates and tweets as well. That means you have to share valuable engaging content. So people WILL share it.

3) Post With Purpose. Be sure that when you’re sharing that valuable content, that you are including the keywords you have identified for your business. Be sure to also work in your business name. Share fresh content on Twitter. Always share your blog posts. “Cross-pollinate” your content by including images with your blog posts and pinning those images on Pinterest, for example.

4) Get to know Google+. Google Plus is google’s social site. That alone is a clue. Sharing your blog posts on Google+ is going to help you appear in Google search results better. The +1 feature allows people to recommend your posts and help further your reach and boost your SEO. See my article on Social Solutions Collective about how to grow on Google+ here.

Don’t neglect some very key things about your social presence like consistency, using your business name and customized URLS.

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Google Plus Spring Updates You Might Have Missed

What's Cooking At Google+
What’s Cooking At Google+
Google+ continues to be a social network that is growing and has many advantages. I like Google+ because I find that I can interact much more with people in my industry and users seem to be very genuinely interested in finding and sharing great content. I have both a profile and business page. While I have more followers on my Profile, my business page by far gets more engagement. I think this speaks to what I just mentioned: interacting with my industry peers and appreciating content. I mainly share my blog posts and blog posts that I find useful and helpful to my target audience.

Although I was not sure how this network would take off, I have come to truly appreciate it. So I have made it a point to keep up with news, tips, changes and updates to the site. One of the most noticeable was the change to the size of the cover photo. HUGE! But, I like it. I’m a fan of cover photos because I love to see how creative people get with them. You can reference this great post from Designer Rob Russo on the Google+ cover photo and it’s branding potential here.

Besides the cover photo, the About tab is redesigned, and a brand-new feature has been added called “Reviews”. This compiles all of your restaurant and point of interest reviews from Google Local.

Here are a few other changes that happened recently that you may or may not have noticed:

1) Users can automatically show their current location to circles or individuals they choose. The option, which will appear on their cover photo, must be enabled from the Google+ profile settings page.
2) The Circles Volume Slider has been replaced by a drop-down menu and moved under the pictures of Circled Plusers.
3) Interestingly, animated GIFs can now be used for profile pictures! What say you? 🙂
4) If attempting to comment on content shared in a community you have not joined, the pop-up dialogue box will include a link to this community.
5) Mobile device users have the ability to download their pictures directly from their Instant Upload page. I noticed this recently on my iPad Google+ app.

Are you a Google+ user? Do you have a profile AND business page? What are your thoughts on this social network? Tell me if it is or is not working for you and why in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Social Media Marketing Benefits

There are many benefits of Social Media Marketing. It’s no longer a trend or an option. It’s the way business is done today. Often when I am interested in a company or researching a product, I immediately look for their online presence for information. I also like to see how they are interacting online. The truth is, you want to be where your customers or clients are. And guess what? They’re on social media. So you want to be easily found on these channels, be accessible, interesting, sharing valuable information and consistent. These efforts have many benefits that go a long way.

Here are some of the opportunities social media marketing presents for your business:

Your brand is the personality that defines you, your company and what it offers. Social Media can help you further define and solidify the attractive qualities you want to project for your business.

Social Media can position you as an expert in your field as you share valuable knowledge and information about your industry. This is particularly powerful when you have developed your niche.

Social media allows you to easily track and analyze your competitors. social media is public and it allows you an opportunity to listen to what your competitors are doing and saying, and what your clients want. Use it to research other businesses, get ideas for content to share with your audience, and to partner with people in your field.

Top Notch Customer Service.
Customer Service is a key component of the customer experience. Social media gives customers and clients the opportunity to reach out directly with the brands they follow. Customers and clients use social media to give feedback, praise, concerns or ask questions. Being there to respond timely is an opportunity to provide excellent customer service.

Grow Your Business.
The main objective is for you to obtain business. You want to be able to obtain leads, make connections and build relationships just by being a part of the social media conversations.

What are some of your goals for social media marketing? Are you looking to build relationships with your current clients or customers? Grow your email list? Get more website traffic? What are you hoping to accomplish online? What do you find works best for you? Please share with me in the comments below!

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