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twitter advanced search

Content Curation Made Simple: Twitter Advanced Search

Social media marketing has become a way of life for savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals trying to build a personal brand. Truth be told, social media marketing is a lot of work in building a community and sharing great content.  One of the best ways to engage with your audience outside of creating engaging, valuable and relevant content is to curate interesting content to share.

Using the right tools and resources to find the right content and easily share it with your audience will allow you to be able to save time and find content your audience will appreciate.


Finding the right content is about using the right tools and knowing what and how to search.Click To TweetTwitter Advanced Search is a powerful resource. On Twitter’s search results page, you’ll have menu options allowing you to filter by media type, (photos, videos) profiles, and more. But what’s also great is the ability to curate content on any topic.

In the search fields, add your topic to the ‘All of these words’ field and then add ‘http’ to ‘This Exact phrase’. So, for example, if you want to find blog posts related to estate planning, your search will pull up results  as seen below where you can select to see the top tweets, the “live” or most recent ones, photos, videos and more.

twitter advanced search








Another time saving aspect of Twitter Advanced Search is the ability to save searches. Twitter allows you to save up to 25 searches per account. To save a search, click More options at the top of your results page and then click “Save this search.” Saved searches are also a great way to track keywords that are relevant to your business.


When you’re using Twitter Advanced Search you’ll no doubt come across Twitter profiles who share awesome content or whose content is ideal for your audience. Those profiles you’ll want to be able to come back to for fresh new content on a regular basis so that you can in turn share that content with your audience. A great way to do that is with Twitter lists. You’ll want to create a list of profiles that will filter out just their tweets so that when they tweet our their latest blog posts you’ll be able to see it quickly and easily. I have a list of Social Media Marketing resources that include companies who share amazing content such as Buffer, SocialTimes and Copyblogger.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make in social media is “firehosing.” Make sure that in addition to creating and sharing awesome content, that you’re having converations and sharing your thoughts. Tell your audience why the post you’re sharing is valuable or your favorite takeaway. Ask your audience what they think in return. Don’t just set it and forget it. Be sure to engage as you get replies and shares.  Always begin and look for the conversation.


Website Traffic: Give Your Audience The Green Light

Our prime online real estate is our website. Every effort that we make, every online activity for our business, we’re hoping results in a visit to our website and ultimately leads to action. You’ve worked hard to make your website look good, to show what you can offer, how you can solve your target audience’s problems, and how you can make their life better. Your website is designed to let them get to know you better. You’re hoping to win them over. But in order to do that, they have to land there.

How do you get visitors to your website? Well, there are some really obvious ways and perhaps some you didn’t even think about. So let’s go through some possibilities to make sure you’re covering your bases.

Social Media

You might be thinking “duh”! But let’s just think about it for a minute. It’s time to do a checkup on your social sites. Are your website links where they should be? Did you set up apps on your Facebook page and are they leading to your website? Does your Twitter bio include your website link? What about Instagram? LinkedIn gives you a few options for website links. Are you taking advantage of them? Take inventory of your social sites to be sure your links are there. Don’t forget your personal profiles.

Email Signature

Your email signature is a great place to drive traffic to your site.  Your signature can include more than your name and title or phone number. Your website should be there too. You can set up signatures with any email provider, but you can use an app to make your signature really stand out. I use Wisestamp. You can have a free version that will include an add, or upgrade to the paid version and choose from several design options ad free.

Content Curation Sites

Are you sharing your blog content on sites like Scoopit, Spundge, or Medium? These are excellent places for discovering content, so make sure your content can be discovered there. Medium for example, is growing in popularity. It’s a great place for publishing and a place for content distribution.

Drive traffic to your site by showcasing your content where people are looking for great content.Click To Tweet

Linkedin Publisher

We already mentioned social media sites, but you may not be taking advantage of LinkedIn’s all important Publisher tool. You can blog straight from the site and gain exposure to a possibly new audience with your posts. Read my post on how to repurpose your content for LinkedIn Publisher and link back to your website in the process.

Never miss an opportunity to direct people to your online hub. Take advantage of what’s out there to get your audience where you ultimately want them to land.

Your Daily Social Media Task List

As a business owner you know that it is not just important to have an online presence, it’s mandatory. You have to go where people are and these days people are on social media. In the world of social media marketing there are so many platforms, so much to do and it’s constantly evolving. How does someone with probably already too much on their plate keep up?

If you’ve put in any sort of effort to social media, you know that it is a big job that requires a lot of time. As a business owner you may decide to manage your Social Media accounts on your own or hire someone to do it yourself. Either way, you still have a role to play.  How do you tackle such a big job? You approach it like anything else that is huge: consistent small steps. Consistency will be the key. Don’t let the work build up, stay on top of it daily.  A great way to do that is by having a daily social media task list. This way, you’re getting a little bit done everyday which will add up over time,  and you’re saving time in the long run.

Your Daily Social Media Task List:


It may seem obvious, but make it a point to log in daily to check your account. If you aren’t in the habit of signing in, you have to remind yourself to do just that.


Responding and responding in a timely manner is important for your business. No one wants to be ignored. Make sure you are checking all your notifications and inboxes daily. Be proactive about negative feedback. If someone posts a negative comment make sure that you address it openly so that other potential customers see that you are addressing it.


Post new content daily. Make sure the content is relevant to your audience . Whether it’s an article, a video, infographic, photo or text, share at least one thing each day on your networks.  Sometimes you may simply want to ask a question to encourage engagement. You can always use a tool like Buffer to schedule content ahead of time.


Social Media is about building relationships. Maintaining and developing relationships is important. Genuinely reach out to someone in your network and start a conversation. Reply to a tweet, comment on a status or blog post. Having conversations is a crucial part of your daily social media task list. Building relationships lead to doing business.


Retweet, mention, like, share or comment on content that others share. It’s likely that they’re return the favor.


Set aside a few minutes to jot down a few ideas for content that you can create. If you experience something with a customer or client that you think would be valuable  to share with your audience, jot it down. It may help you write a blog post or craft a helpful tip to your followers. You’ll also want to curate content that other people write so that you can in turn share this with your audience. I like to use Swayy and Google+ . These are my go-to places for curating content. If you work on this daily, you’ll begin to store up content and spend less time hunting for it.


Facebook and Google+ provide analytics that help you see what content is working best, who you’re reaching, when you’re reaching them and more. Stay on top of this so you are making the most of your time and effort. Is your audience growing? What’s getting the best engagement? No need to share content that no one is responding to. Find out what’s working for you. If you use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, they provide you with analytics as well.

If you set aside time to do these steps for just a little time each day, you will see the benefits in the long run. Business owners understand that nothing happens overnight. It’s those small consistent steps that make a huge difference. Do you have a daily social media task list? What things do you do to stay on top of your social media marketing? Please share below.


Swayy: A Savvy Way To Rock Your Content Curation

As a marketer, social media consultant and active social networker, I am always on the hunt for fresh, awesome content that is relevant to my audience. So naturally, I’m always looking for tools to help me do just that and do it better.  That’s where Swayy comes in.

What is Swayy?

Swayy “gives you the content that engages your audience.” A personalized dashboard of content based on what I’m interested in and what’s trending among my audience members. Not only does it accurately select content, but it saves me a whole lot of time.

I’m already in love!

Swayy has become a part of my morning social media routine. I log on to Swayy daily for great content to learn new things in social media marketing and to share articles. What I like about Swayy is that it gives me fresh content to add to my buffer, or I can share it right from Swayy.  Swayy makes it easy for you to share content to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn without leaving the window. Simply select share, and from a window, you will be able to select the channel you wish to publish to. You’ll have the option to edit the message before sending. You can share it right then or schedule it for later. Swayy provides suggestions on who to mention, as well as relevant hashtags. Another nice touch, Swayy provides users will built in analytics where they can track the performance of their posts.

It’s easy!

You can get started on Swayy by connecting with either your Facebook or Twitter account. It’s that simple. If you need more than one dashboard, perhaps you want to curate content for other industries, then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. There are several options. But if you just want to try it out, the free plan gives you a great experience with one dashboard and you still have the ability to connect your social accounts, share content and have analytics.  Swayy shows your trending topics, and you can add topics that you think are relevant as well. It also provides a list of your trending sources.

If you’re a chrome addict like myself, you wanna know if it has a chrome widget. You bet it does!

Problem solved!

The fact that ever since I discovered this tool, I use it absolutely everyday, tells me that Swayy has nailed it with addressing an issue and solving a problem when it comes to content curation. It solves the problem mostpeople have of searching for and consistently finding valuable content to share with their audience, without spending all day doing it.

The New Klout Focuses on Content

Did you log on to Klout this week and do a double take? It’s brand new, completely redesigned and refocused. The new Klout is nothing short of a content curation site with it’s new features. If you’ve ever wondered how you can raise your klout score, it’s no longer a mathemtical mystery. The answer is simple: share great content.

As the company itself describes, “Klout takes the first step towards our vision of helping people be known for what they love.” This new content style platform helps Klout users be better content creators. In fact on the page itself on the left column you notice, “Create, Schedule, Measure.”

The steps to curating content:

The ‘Create’ tab helps you find great content that you think your audience will enjoy and appreciate. Klout uniquely suggests relevant content that will be of interest to your friends and followers.  Tags accompany content that is trending and also match the type of content your friends and followers like.

The redesign also includes four tags that will be displayed to highlight fresh content, as well astories that are starting to trend online. The tags are:

  • On the Rise: Content starting to trend.
  • Crowd Pleaser:  Topics a user’s network is interested in.
  • Hidden Gem: Not very many people in your network have seen it.
  • Hot off the Press: Content was recently published by a well known trusted source.

Gone are the days where you can add topics to profiles. Now, when you view a Klout profile, it shows you the topics the service says that individual is influential in. You will be able to delete topics that you feel are inaccurate.

You can now rate content with thumbs up or down. If you see recommended content that Klout thinks your audience would like, but you disagree, you can downvote it, and vice versa. This helps Klout determine better what you like.

The new Klout also has a compose message feature for users to share their content on Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, you can also schedule your content to be published.  In the Schedule section of the Klout dashboard, users can program multiple posts to be published.

The Measure portion will show activity your posts generate and how it impacts your score. Klout has indicated that  click tracking, reach, and reaction metrics are coming soon. Klout assures us that the algorithm remains unchanged. Not that we understand it! 🙂

Finally, you know how you can raise your Klout score! You’ll be able to create, share, schedule and measure, without giving up all the great perks. Win win!


google plus

Using Google Plus For Content Curation

Content curation is a key part of social media marketing. Because great content drives what we share on social media, we are always in search of great, valuable information to share with our audience. If you’re not so familiar with the term, content curation is the collection and organization of information relevant to a particular topic.

The technology of curation has provided a way to organize and sift through the enormous amount of content on the web. Tools such as or Spundge or pages like Storify where you can create stories with Twitter or Instagram.

Content curation occurs on many platforms. I often use Twitter’s search, my own newsfeed or lists I’ve created to find and share links to articles that I think my audience would appreciate.

Recently I have revisted my use of in an effort to find and share more relevant and useful content in 2014 and for people to find my content as well. Pinterest is also a great forum for curating content. I specifically look to Pinterest for writing and blogging tips, and related topics where I’ve found plenty of great information on the topic.

My most recent go to place for content curation is Google Plus. Content curation on Google+ is a great way to establish your authority and brand yourself as an expert in your niche with the content that you share.

You can search and find content to curate across Google plus through search and hashtags. Communities are a great way to find specific content on a particular subject. Finding content and sharing it on Google Plus is simple and easy. When you discover content it’s easy to share to your profile or page and add your own commentary to your post. Your  Google+ posts are treated as web pages by Google and indexed accordingly. Increasingly Google+ posts are appearing in search results.

Using Google Plus to find and share content has helped me build my network. Because the culture of Google Plus is one where it’s users values great content, users are content focused. When you share great content, comment and have conversations, you begin to grow your network and build your community.  Content curation is just one of the many benefits of Google Plus that I enjoy. If you’re on Google Plus, please connect with me and join me in one of my favorite communities for great discussions and content sharing on social media marketing and digitial marketing : Social Solutions.