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A Gift For You: My Favorite Online Marketing Tools

A Gift For You: My Favorite Online Marketing Tools

If you ever wonder how social media professionals seem to always be online, how they keep up with the latest updates and trends, how they’re able to consistently publish content, the secret is: marketing tools!  Keeping up with online marketing is near impossible without them. So in the spirit of the season, I’m sharing my favorite online marketing tools to help you be a better online marketer in 2016.


Buffer is my favorite online marketing tools period. It makes my life as a digital marketer so much easier. It was great when I first started using it and it’s even better now. It’s the easiest tool for scheduling and sharing social media updates. What it does is very simple.  You add updates to your Buffer queue and it will be posted for you at the times you choose or use preset times. You can use anytime to fill with great Tweets, Facebook stories or LinkedIn updates. I prefer to use the chrome extension. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Click the buffer chrome extension while you’re on a blog post you want to schedule and up pops a window for you to select where and when you want to share it along with the text to accompany it. It’s a beautiful thing.


Your blog posts won’t get read if the headline isn’t interesting enough to click. That’s why I use an analyzer to help determine if my headline has what it takes to pique the interest of social media users combing through their newsfeeds. My tool of choice is the Coschedule Blog Headline Analyzer. This free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. It’s one of the marketing tools that is a must for my blogging. Don’t click publish without it!


Is a Twitter list a marketing tool? You bet it is! It’s an awesome content curation tool and I use it almost daily. A list is a curated group of Twitter users that you can create and follow. For example, I have created a list of the best sources of content for social media marketing. I use this list to curate content for my own social media sites to share relevant content to my audience. I use similar lists for my clients to share relevant content on their social sites for their audiences. Twitter is a great resource for many things, especially content. But because it’s has such a busy newsfeed it can be difficult to sort through without creating lists. Leverage your lists for content creation needs.

I hope that you can use at least one of these to improve your productivity in 2016. These are just a few of my favorites. What marketing tools do you use that help you work more efficiently? Please share in the comments below.




light up content linkedin publisher

Light Up Your Content With LinkedIn Publisher

Every time I use LinkedIn Publisher I remember why I like publishing articles on LinkedIn. Why? First of all, it’s simple and easy. But there’s much more to it than that. It gives new life to content I’ve already written. While you can certainly write brand new content for LinkedIn and that’s absolutely great, my strategy is repurposing content. How would you like to give more visibility to content you’ve already written? With LinkedIn Publisher, you have a chance to provide useful content to your audience, increase your visibility, and further establish yourself as an authority in your field without having to write brand new content.

LinkedIn Publisher is super easy to use and allows you to gain more exposure to your content.Click To Tweet

Repurpose, Republish.

You can get started publishing right away simply by reposting your blog posts onto Linkedin Publisher. If you decide to copy the entire post, make sure you leave some time between your post and when you republish to LinkedIn. This gives Google enough time to index, understand which post is the original, and rank that one higher than the content you republish.

I choose to use my evergreen content, and usually it’s at least a year old. It gives me to opportunity to freshen up the content a bit with new information that adds to the existing post. Often, I simply copy the majority of the post and link the rest to the original blog post on my site.

This shows readers you are being transparent about republishing and it will lead them to your site where they can read more of your articles.

Another good practice is to create a new headline for your LinkedIn Publisher post that’s slightly different from the original. This is also beneficial for those searching the keywords online to find more of your content in search results.

If you don’t want to copy and reshare the same article, get inspired by some of your content, especially the more popular ones, give it a new spin or use it to inspire a whole new direction on the same content. For example, I have a post that was very popular, “Why Posting From Facebook To Twitter Is So Not Social”, I could find another faux pas around the same lines as inspiration for a new blog post to share on LinkedIn.

From Long To Short.

If you’ve written e-books, created presentations, trainings, speeches or slideshows that are too long for LinkedIn, you’ve got a content goldmine!

Use long-form to create multiple posts. Break them down into individual posts for LinkedIn Publisher adding great headlines and images and you’ve got a whole new source of content for your LinkedIn audience.

LinkedIn Publisher is a great way to increase visibility and gain new readers. Republish your evergreen content, find inspiration from existing blogs, and get more eyes on your content. There are lots of possibilities!


Blogging Keys To Keep You Focused Effective and Successful

Blogging is an essential part of online marketing. Blogs are collections of “posts”, entries or articles that allow a business or individual to write about a topic, issue, business niche or journey. Why is blogging so important? Because a blog is information that is posted frequently it keeps your site “fresh”. Search engines look for fresh relevant content when they are indexing or ranking a site. Sites with static or unchanged pages are viewed as being “stale”. Each time you write a blog post, you’re creating a web page, and that new content attracts search engines and boosts your ranking. It is important to blog and it is important to know what are the best blogging keys to success.

In our online community Business Fuel my business partner  TIffany Lymon and I focus on a new topic each month about online marketing. This past month, we discussed blogging and blogging keys to success. During this topic of discussion, Tiffany covered some blogging keys or tips for success to help you stay focused and effective:

“Why are you creating a blog in the first place and what in the world will you post about? The answers to these will be the foundation of your Content Creation process. Think about your market.”

“What are the THREE topics that interest your target market most AND can tie in to what you sell/offer? Remember your blog serves to provide information that supports conversions. So you want to be more than just interesting you want to be compelling, showcase your expertise and build trust so you can ultimately get a positive response to a call to action. So what are your THREE key topics?”

“Grab a notebook and/or an Excel spreadsheet and turn those topics into posts. Jot down some quotes, books you want to review, possible blog titles, etc. This list becomes your “writing prompts”. As ideas come to you add them. When it is time to write you can use this list to help you create your next 300 word entry! NOTE: One writing prompt could spark multiple blog posts.”

“When you are writing your blog posts try to make sure you have a good mix of “trending” and “evergreen” content. Trending content is content that is relevant right now. This could be based on the season, current events, recent changes, etc. People like to be ‘in-the-know’ and will see you as an expert resource if you help them stay up-to-date. You also want to have some ‘evergreen’ content. This is content that will always be relevant to your market. This could be tried and true tips, stories, recommendations, etc. Your evergreen content can also be reposted or repurposed down the road. Don’t forget to add and keep all of your post titles in your spreadsheet for easy reference.”

Use these guidelines for the foundation of a focused, effective blog. Always keep in mind your target audience and what they need, focus on your core topics, always keep a list of ideas and be sure that your content stays relevant. When you can practice these things, you are on the road to success.

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How To Make Your Content Marketing More Readable

In the fast paced world of online marketing and the crowded business world in general, you have to find ways to stand out. Creating great content is imperative. Grabbing reader’s attention is crucial. How can you make your content marketing more readable? How can you grab people’s attention skimming through newsfeeds, clicking on your blog, etc;? It’s all in how you introduce what you’re about to say. Here are a few key ways to make your content more readable, clickable and attention grabbing.

Make a list

A content marketing winner. Readers like lists because they’re easy to read and easy to skim. People are pressed for time. If they see a list, they know they can consume it quickly. They are also very easy to write. You don’t want to use them exclusively but you don’t want to rule them out altogether. They’re extremely effective.


Most people are tuned into WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me”. So make your content marketing personal for the reader. Use the word YOU. Tell your readers this is for YOU and it can help YOU and YOUR business and help YOU be more effective.

Be Straightforward

When you are bold and straightforward, you have more credibility. “Top 10 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Better”. Not tips that “might” or “could”. They absolutely will. These types of posts are valuable because you will gain knowledge from it.

Make it Tweetable

On Twitter, you have to say a whole lot with a little. Do that with your posts. Make your content marketing posts impactful as if you were trying to make your tweet stand out in a busy newsfeed.

Make it look good

The way your posts look play a big part in readability. Keep your paragraphs to a few sentences. Dress up your posts with images, graphics, subtitles, bulletpoints if applicable. Use colors that aren’t distracting. Make sure your content marketing flows, is easy on the eyes and readable by incorporating these techniques.

You have the expertise and are capable of providing great information to your audience with the information you provide. The key to content marketing is getting them to click and read. Make sure that you’re grabbing your readers attention by making your titles and headlines something they can’t resist by applying these simple tips.

What do you find is most effective with your titles? Please share in the comments below.

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Read All About It: 5 Simple Headlines For Your Blog

For The Love of Blogging
For The Love of Blogging

Guest post by Tyjuana Wilson

You too can prevent blog loss.

I love a good story, but there are so many articles and so little time. As a writer I am sympathetic to other bloggers, those who struggle for readers: there’s a platform in place — it is meticulously designed to attract viewers — packed with lots of content and plenty of space for comments. However the value of a blog is soon dwindled when Google search lists several blog links ahead of others, and time is not on our side when it comes to choosing what to read. What can be done to find justice for all blogs?

Enter: the perfect headline. Without an attention-grabbing headline, your blog will remain in oblivion! So set your blog free once and for all, and give readers what they are Googling for, by incorporating these five simple headline ideas:

Teach. Teaching headlines are always powerful because we secretly want to teach the world what we know. At least I do! There is nothing like putting yourself in authoritative position by teaching in your own blog. An example of a teaching headline? “What can (XYZ) teach you about business” Okay…technically, you’re not teaching, you’re showing. Show off what you’ve learned!

Warn. Scare tactics will get readers to click your blog link, because well…they are afraid. Afraid to lose money, afraid to fail, afraid of being afraid. So, scare someone with a warning headline. One example of such a scary thought is, “Warning: ignoring these 5 tips may get you audited.” I’m calling my accountant after writing this one.

Ask. What questions are your customers asking you? If you can answer them, you can ask them one more time (and answer them, of course!) in your blog. An example of a question headline: “How can I do (this) to get (that)?”

Empathize. Help a reader today. They are searching feverishly for a reason. Show them they too can do…whatever it is they want to do, thanks to an empathetic headline. “It’s not too late to…”

Share. Pay it forward with tips, and a great headline. Are the “5 simple headlines for your blog” been helpful so far? You’re welcome!
One of the worst ways you can lose interest in blogging is to believe you have to come up with out-of-this world headlines. It is possible to draw readers to your blog by using the five tricks listed above; stop trying to reinvent the wheel! Which of my five tips will make their way onto your blog today? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Tyjuana Wilson - Tyland Writings
Tyjuana Wilson – Tyland Writings
Tyjuana Wilson is “The Communications Department” for small business owners throughout the world. Too busy to write compelling content for your website, blog or social network platform? Contact Ty for a quote. No obligation. (704) 750-1699 or

Time Saving Content Creation Tips

Maximize Your Content Planning time
Maximize Your Content Planning time
As business owners, our time is very valuable. It is important that we manage our time wisely, make the most of the time we set aside for each task and work smart within that time. In order to have success with online marketing you need to have great content. Creating content takes time, planning and commitment. When you think of all that is required: posting to Facebook, tweeting, video creation, images, blog posts, email newsletter etc;. it can be overwhelming. But if you simplify the process it can be make your content tasks much easier to manage. Here are a few tips:

1) Short and Sweet: Your blog posts, newsletters, status updates, don’t have to be lengthy to be great. Yes, even with your blog posts. EVERYONE is pressed for time. Or at least that’s what they say 🙂 So make your blog posts super readable by using lists, bullet points with powerful information (much like this one) 🙂

2) Do what you do best. If you are great with video but not so great with writing, stick with the videos. You can always hire a writer to put together articles for you based on information you provide. Outsource!

3) Share other great content. You don’t always have to share your blog posts. Share other blog posts with your audience. There is plenty of awesome content to circulate. Organize files of great content you come across to share with your audience in the future with a tool like Evernote.

4) Reuse. Create tips, status updates and tweets by taking excerpts from your blog posts and repurposing them on social sites. You don’t have to constantly create. You can recreate as well.

5) Be my guest. Ask for someone to guest post on your blog. It’s a great way to get fresh, new, useful content out to your audience and build relationships at the same time.

6) Review. Valuable information can come in the form of a review. You can review a product or service that you use that will be useful to your audience.

What other tips do you find work best for you? Please share in the comments below.