Your Daily Social Media Task List

As a business owner you know that it is not just important to have an online presence, it’s mandatory. You have to go where people are and these days people are on social media. In the world of social media marketing there are so many platforms, so much to do and it’s constantly evolving. How does someone with probably already too much on their plate keep up?

If you’ve put in any sort of effort to social media, you know that it is a big job that requires a lot of time. As a business owner you may decide to manage your Social Media accounts on your own or hire someone to do it yourself. Either way, you still have a role to play.  How do you tackle such a big job? You approach it like anything else that is huge: consistent small steps. Consistency will be the key. Don’t let the work build up, stay on top of it daily.  A great way to do that is by having a daily social media task list. This way, you’re getting a little bit done everyday which will add up over time,  and you’re saving time in the long run.

Your Daily Social Media Task List:


It may seem obvious, but make it a point to log in daily to check your account. If you aren’t in the habit of signing in, you have to remind yourself to do just that.


Responding and responding in a timely manner is important for your business. No one wants to be ignored. Make sure you are checking all your notifications and inboxes daily. Be proactive about negative feedback. If someone posts a negative comment make sure that you address it openly so that other potential customers see that you are addressing it.


Post new content daily. Make sure the content is relevant to your audience . Whether it’s an article, a video, infographic, photo or text, share at least one thing each day on your networks.  Sometimes you may simply want to ask a question to encourage engagement. You can always use a tool like Buffer to schedule content ahead of time.


Social Media is about building relationships. Maintaining and developing relationships is important. Genuinely reach out to someone in your network and start a conversation. Reply to a tweet, comment on a status or blog post. Having conversations is a crucial part of your daily social media task list. Building relationships lead to doing business.


Retweet, mention, like, share or comment on content that others share. It’s likely that they’re return the favor.


Set aside a few minutes to jot down a few ideas for content that you can create. If you experience something with a customer or client that you think would be valuable  to share with your audience, jot it down. It may help you write a blog post or craft a helpful tip to your followers. You’ll also want to curate content that other people write so that you can in turn share this with your audience. I like to use Swayy and Google+ . These are my go-to places for curating content. If you work on this daily, you’ll begin to store up content and spend less time hunting for it.


Facebook and Google+ provide analytics that help you see what content is working best, who you’re reaching, when you’re reaching them and more. Stay on top of this so you are making the most of your time and effort. Is your audience growing? What’s getting the best engagement? No need to share content that no one is responding to. Find out what’s working for you. If you use a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, they provide you with analytics as well.

If you set aside time to do these steps for just a little time each day, you will see the benefits in the long run. Business owners understand that nothing happens overnight. It’s those small consistent steps that make a huge difference. Do you have a daily social media task list? What things do you do to stay on top of your social media marketing? Please share below.