Crafting Content To Engage Your Audience

Updated July 11,2017

No doubt it’s a noisy online world. We are overwhelmed with endless content. You can practically find out anything you want on any subject simply by googling it. So how do you stand out in such a crowded world on social media? You’ll want to focus on your followers and sharing content that will keep your audience’s attention and engages them to share and have conversations. Here are a few suggestions to accomplish that:

Share Visual Content

Visual content allows you to send a message in creative simple ways that grab your attention. They’re also pretty simple to make. Photos and videos can easily be created from your phone. There are many tools that can help folks like you and me who have zero design skills make pretty decent graphics. Some of my favorites are Canva, Pic Monkey, Pinstamatic and Piktochart for infographics.

Visual content can be curated as well. When you come across great photos, videos and graphics that are relevant to your audience, they will appreciate it.

Give Gifts

Does your audience love guides, how-to’s, ebooks or maybe webinars? Create content or host a webinar or hangout that answers some of the questions your audience is asking. Help solve a problem that your audience members have. It’s always a good idea to pose questions to your audience to see how you can bring value through your content and your business service or products.

Focus On Your Audience

When you ask your audience’s opinion, or ask for their feedback, they’re more likely to engage with you.Click To Tweet.

Make them part of your story by asking them questions or simply by making them a part of your strategy.

Another great way to do this is to have them create as well. Make a hashtag for your business and ask your fans to post pictures about your product or service or something relating to it.  This could work on more than one social network. When your fans participate, be sure to share their photos, comment and start conversations with them. This is a great opportunity to build relationships.

Don’t Hesitate To Curate

Your content should be useful, interesting, entertaining and valuable. It doesn’t all have to be original content. Share the best of what you find. Think about the type of content you crave. I appreciate content that helps me do things better. Content that teaches me something that can help me be a better business person, a more informed consumer, a better parent, and so on.

Think about what you enjoy, what engages you and what you share and use that as a guide when choosing and creating content for your audience.Click To Tweet

It’s not about you, it’s about them.

When you focus less on selling a product or service and more on your audience, their needs and how you can help them, the better content you will create. The better your content, the more engagement you will have. This builds relationships. Relationship building is what social media is all about. Keep the right focus to get the right results.

Photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc