How To Use Facebook Apps To Generate Leads and Sales

In this week’s edition of “Friday Fuel“, we discuss Facebook Apps and how you can use them to your advantage. Facebook apps, which were once known as tabs are a great tool to drive your Facebook visitors to action in a convenient way.

Once a person has “liked” your page, what is it that you want them to do next? First you want to consider a balance of GIVE and GET: what you can GIVE to your market, and what you may be able to GET from your market.

This video will show you a few examples of what you can GIVE, what you might expect to GET and 3 tools that you can use to set up your Facebook apps.

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Social With Sara on Facebook
Social With Sara on Facebook

Do you use Facebook apps? If so, how? What works best for you? Share in the comments below..


  1. First of all I haven’t spot checked nor have I checked that my apps are current. As a matter of fact I put them up over a year ago and haven’t done anything since. Thank you for the push.
    I really really love these fact filled videos you provide Sara!

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