4 Instagram Updates You Might Have Missed

Instagram has arguably dominated the social media news this Spring. The photo and video social networking platform has made quite a few changes to the platform in 2016, much of them coming in the last few weeks. So if you’ve been caught up in March Madness, presidential campaigns, running your own business, or just life! You could’ve easily missed one of the recent Instagram updates on this wildly popular network. So here’s a little synopsis on what’s new:


Some Instagram updates are hard to miss. If you noticed a surge in people asking their followers to turn on their notifications to see their posts (annoyingly so) and wondered why, you might have missed the algorithm on Instagram. I wrote a blog post about the update a few weeks ago detailing what it is, what it means and what it means for businesses.


As a predictable follow up to advertisers being able to extend their videos to 60 seconds, Instagram has given the same ability to everyday Instagram users. [clickToTweet tweet=”Instagram videos, which have been limited to 15 seconds since 2013, can extend to a full minute.” quote=”Instagram videos, which have been limited to 15 seconds since 2013, can extend to a full minute.” theme=”style4″]

Instagram has been gradually transforming its feed from a stream of static images to a more lucrative collection of videos. In the past six months, the time Instagram users spent watching videos has increased 40 percent, according to the company.

Instagram has encouraged that trend by adding view counts to it’s videos. The company also enacted a collection of top videos around a particular subject, event or occasion and promoting them at the top of the feed, much like Snapchat’s live stories.  Another useful addition: the ability to create a video using multiple clips from the camera roll. There are many apps that will piece together your video clips , and you can now do it inside Instagram.


I know some of you are almost 100% mobile. That’s not me. I need my QWERTY board! So for those of you who prefer using your computer over your phone, now you can see who followed you, liked your posts, commented on your posts, and mentioned you all from the convenience of your laptop computer. You know, the same place you’re creating visual content on Photoshop, sending email, files, listening to music, etc; etc;. Here’s a look at Instagram on the desktop:

instagram update








When you log on via your computer, you’ll notice three icons in the top right corner of your screen. The navigation icon allows you to search and discover across Instagram. The heart icon is your notifications. Use this to view your notifications of who liked you, who followed you, etc;. The head and shoulders icon is your profile. If you’ve been exploring around, this will always get you back to your profile. Clicking on “Instagram” will take you to your feed.

instagram updates








This is interesting news because it is more gradual desktop integration from a platform that is so mobile based with increased functionality. I can’t help but think the company had marketers like myself in mind with this change.



Another one of the Instagram updates which seems to give a nod to marketers: you can now create accounts from the desktop.

instagram update









I first heard this breaking news a few days ago from my friend and Instagram expert, Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends. If you want to keep up to date with all things Instagram, follow Jenn! Which update do you think will be the most useful to you? Share your feedback with me in the comments below!



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      Thanks Shannon. I use the desktop version a lot more now. Sometimes I just don’t want to grab my phone 🙂

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