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Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

It’s no wonder that Instagram is as popular as it is. It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s easy to use. I love it for personal use, but it’s also a marketer’s dream. It’s constantly growing. It has more than 300 million users with high user engagement. With a large young user base and great engagement, it’s hard to ignore. As a marketer, you need to consider it as part of your strategy. [clickToTweet tweet=”Instagram is an important asset for visual content, a driving force in social.” quote=”Instagram is an important asset for visual content, a driving force in social.” theme=”style4″]

People love visual content. Instagram users love appealing, creative photos. There are countless apps designed to enhance your Instagram experience. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with various different photo editing apps and other photo related tools and I’ve found some clear favorites.

There are apps that help enhance your selfies, foodie shots, landscape shots, etc;. I’d like to note that I use an iPhone6. Here are the the apps I use most, what I use them for and why I like them:


Sometimes instead of posting one pic of a time, you’d like to post a collage of photos. Layout is my go-to for this. With layout you can easily combine multiple photos into a single image. It automatically shows you previews of custom layouts from the photos you from your camera roll. There’s also a Faces option that shows you all the photos in your camera roll that feature people. My favorite feature is the drag and drop. This allows you to arrange your photos, pinch to zoom or pull the sides of each photo to adjust its size and get your layout just right.



Facetune means not having to take 100 shots to get the right selfie or portrait. It means you can make the perfect picture. With lots of great filters and editing tools to whiten, brighten, color, take away blemishes, it’s like photoshop at your fingers tips. You’re ready for your closeup!



This app is designed for taking a beautiful picture WITH the app. It’s not designed for you to take a pic and then upload it to edit. It’s like having an analog camera app. I like it for shots of objects like this necklace:



It’s no wonder that Snapseed is made by Google. It has everything I love about Google+ photo editing. It’s like having all the google+ photo editing tools I love to use on my laptop but on my smartphone. The “tune image” tool and the Glamour Glow filter are what I use most.



The editing tools are great on this app. I especially like selecting “clarity” which automatically enhances the photo. I used it on the photo below. This app is also about organization for me. It allows you to do three things:

  • manage your edited photos – the photos your take in the app are stored your Lightbox photo where you can view and delete them so you only keep exactly what you want.
  • Photo details – View detailed info about your photos including when they were shot, dimensions, sizes. You can also see at a glance all the edits you applied to any pic.
  • Sharing – easy sharing features including email right from the app.



Pomelo just makes photos pretty! Gorgeous, state of the art photos are created with the over 70+photos on this app. And it’s free! I love to use this app for anything: landscape, portraits, objects, you name it.



The best thing about Retrica are the live filters. You can preview how your photos will look, before you even take the photo. With over 100 filters, your options are countless.



The first thing this app does when you upload a photo is it gives you the option to crop it right away for Instagram sizing. Score! It also has over 100 filters. What’s unique about it is it’s layering effects. PicFX has tons of layers, in a wide variety of subtle tone shifts and gradients.

SM climbing

The most important thing to do with Instagram and photo editing is to try out your options for yourself. I encourage you to check out a few apps beyond the ones I’ve named here. There are plenty. I’d love to hear about your favorite apps and features in the comment section below. Please share and be sure to connect with me on Instagram.





  1. Stefanie says:

    I love Facetune for those pesky blemishes and Layout is another favorite. Your pictures always look so gorgeous that I’m excited to try the others!

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