3 Great New Pinterest Updates

Pinterest continues to be a go to place for cultivating ideas, getting new information and driving traffic to websites. Recently, Pinterest made some updates that enhances the Pinterest experience. Here they are:

Place Pins
Place pins let you add a beautiful, interactive map to any of your boards. Place Pins include extra details like the address and phone number right on the Pin itself. You can take your Pins anywhere on your smartphone, so you can find places on the go and even get directions.
Learn how to to make a place board for your business here.

Brand New Pin It Buttons

Pinterest now offers the Pin It button in more colors and sizes so you can find one that best fit’s your website’s look.
Get your new pin it button here.


Pinterest has introduced it’s first set of API endpoints with partners like Zappos, Target, Nestle, Walmart and Hearst. It allows these partners to now showcase their most popular Pins right on their own websites and mobile apps.

Are you using Pinterest for business? How is it working for you and what do you think are the best ways to use it for business? Please share in the comments below!